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Inspired Learning

For The Whole Child

Davis Waldorf School develops creative, flexible thinkers by offering hands-on kinesthetic learning, which fosters students' emotional and social intelligence while also promoting strong academic performance.

Davis Waldorf Elementary School is recognized as one of the area’s best private schools.

“A curriculum that balances academic rigor with educating the whole child through art and practical skills, music, movement, and social and moral development. We support the children in finding meaning and purpose in life with confidence and a sense of responsibility.”

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A Curriculum For All Stages Of Childhood

Waldorf curriculum unfolds throughout the stages of childhood development to provide a rich, dynamic, and multi-faceted education.

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Respect for the Natural World

We cultivate an understanding and experience that nature sustains life and nurtures, heals and inspires us.

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Discover why Waldorf education is the fastest-growing, non-sectarian private school movement in the world with hundreds of schools located in over 63 countries worldwide.

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