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Where do our Graduates go?

Parents are often concerned about how students will fare after they leave the unique and somewhat protected environment of a Waldorf EC - 8th grade school. The most common concern is, will they be prepared and will they have the tools to succeed?

Our school regularly administers a standardized test in the 8th grade (and occasionally the 7th grade, as well, as determined by the teacher.) This test compares the achievement of individuals and groups of students as compared to national performance data. This test has been used and developed over 20 years and is administered to millions of students annually in both public and private schools. It is used in all five local Waldorf schools and can be used as part of the 8th grade students' application to public and private high schools or junior high schools, as needed.

Our 2015-2016 school year’s 7th and 8th grade students did very well, scoring 1 – 4 grades above their level! The test included comprehensive testing in Reading & Language Arts and Mathematics. The class average Grade Level Equivalent (GLE) is shown below for each of the disciplines. When tested, the students were in the third month of 7th or 8th grade = 7.3 or 8.3.
  Grade 7 Average Scores Grade 8 Average Scores
GLE = 9.6  GLE = 12.6
Language Arts GLE = 10.5 GLE = 12.2
Mathematics GLE = 8.8 GLE = 11.9
Overall Total Score GLE = 9.7  GLE = 12.3
Individually, some students scored a grade 12+ in some of their rankings!  

We have seen similar results from the Terra Nova test results for many years with many varied class configurations.  Anecdotal evidence also suggests that the eighth graders who go to a Waldorf or a non-Waldorf high school do very well.  Their well-rounded elementary schooling and the love of learning it has engendered prepare them well for the challenges they meet.

High School

As the Waldorf curriculum is designed to serve students through 12th grade, the ideal is for our students to transfer to a Waldorf high school. The number of our students that graduate from our 8th grade and enroll at the Sacramento Waldorf School varies by class, from about 25% to over 50%. Some other options exist in our region, including the San Francisco Waldorf School and the Waldorf School of the Peninsula or the George Washington Carver School of Arts and Science (a public charter high school) in Sacramento. Once every decade or so, one of our students has the opportunity to attend the High Mowing School in New Hampshire. 
Many high-quality alternatives exist in our local area for those students who choose to attend a public high school, such as Da Vinci Charter Academy, the Davis School for Independent Study, a combination of a public 9th grade (at Holmes, Emerson or Harper Junior High) and the Davis High School or the McClatchy Humanities & International Studies Program in Sacramento. 

Many high-quality private school alternatives are available in our local area, as well, such as the Sacramento Country Day School, Christian Brothers High School, Jesuit High School and St. Francis High School.
Please view this video featuring alumni from our sister school Sacramento Waldorf School to hear their stories. https://youtu.be/U_at6ilwOC0 

Colleges and Universities

Students who graduate from Waldorf grades and high schools typically perform well on College Board exams, are admitted to and excel at many of the top colleges and universities, and pursue successful careers in a variety of fields and areas of specialty. A 2005 survey of some 550 graduates from Waldorf high schools indicated that the typical Waldorf student goes into the world with a love of learning, the ability to think independently, a commitment to human relationships, an interest in and concern for other human beings and for the natural environment, and the desire to make the world a better place.
Our students from the Davis Waldorf School have been accepted into a wide range of colleges and universities, including Sacramento City College, American River College, California State University - Sacramento, Chico, San Jose, Humbolt; the University of California - Berkeley, Davis, Santa Cruz, San Diego, Riverside; University of San Francisco, Reed College, San Francisco Music Conservatory, Cal Poly, Chapman College, Gonzaga University, Ohio State, College of the Redwoods, Lewis and Clark, Whitman College, University of North Carolina, Berklee College of Music, Boston Conservatory, Boston University, Mt. Holyoke, Long Island University - Global Studies, Whitman, University of Dublin, University of Indiana, Occidental, University of the Pacific, Harvard and Stanford.

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