Davis Waldorf School


  1. The parents/guardians read the materials included in our information packet.
  2. The parents/guardians attend a campus tour and/or Open House.
  3. The parents/guardians complete an Enrollment Application and submit the application, confidential student evaluation form from child’s last teacher (Kindergarten-8th only), and a photo along with the application fee. The applicant should be age-appropriate for the grade to which they are applying. Applications for fall consideration are accepted beginning in January, and should be submitted as soon as possible.  
  4. Our Admissions Director calls to arrange an interview with parents/guardians and child. Enrollment interviews for fall consideration are conducted January through mid-March. Additional interviews are done throughout the year as space permits.
  5. Parents/guardians and child attend the interview with the class teacher.
  6. Children applying for grades 2-8 visit the class for 3 full school days. This does not apply to summer applicants.
  7. Our registrar notifies your family via mail of the interview result.
  8. When an acceptance is made, enrollment materials are included with your letter. You will then have two weeks in which to make a decision and submit the required fees and forms to enroll your child.
If it is determined during the interview that your child/family would not be a good fit for our school, you will receive our regrets via mail. Should our regrets be due to no available spots in the class, we will hold the application in our waiting pool (we do not use a waitlist) and contact you in the event that a space opens to arrange another visit.
Please note: Our age cut-off date is June 1st, although occasional exceptions are made for grades children. A child must be…

2 by June 1st for First Year Preschool
3 by June 1st by Second Year Preschool
4 by June 1st for First Year Kindergarten
5 by June 1st for Second Year Kindergarten
6 by June 1st for 1st grade
7 by June 1st for 2nd grade
8 by June 1st for 3rd grade
9 by June 1st for 4th grade

We are generally able to make a second round of acceptances after our initial enrollment deadline, as some families do not complete the enrollment process. If your family is put in a wait pool and you would like to be considered for the following year’s enrollment, please call us the following January to roll the application over to the following year.
Students are accepted upon an interview with the class teacher, receipt of previous school records, and compliance with contractual arrangements required by the school. Assessment tests may be administered at the time of the interview. All new students are on a six-week probation period.
Our aim is to provide an education which develops a child’s full human potential, thus it is the intention and policy of the school to welcome students from the broadest possible range of the social, economic, and cultural spectrum. 
A diverse community benefits all of our students. We seek to admit eligible students of all origins, backgrounds, beliefs, ethnicities, and faiths. We offer financial assistance to interested families who qualify. The Davis Waldorf School believes that no person should be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination of any kind in any educational program or activity available in the School.

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