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Halloween Celebration Brings Community Together

Posted On: 11/9/2017 12:09 PM

Heartfelt thanks to the many parents who helped with our Halloween Celebration this year! Halloween is always a special time of year at Davis Waldorf School and this year we saw gnomes digging in their cave, an Autumn witch with her magic pot, laughed at Goldilocks trying to get into a tiny bed, watched villagers sing part of the Kalevala around a campfire and many other wonderful vignettes on our magical Protected Path. Older children were challenged to "walk the plank" in the dark of night and many other fun feats of courage on the Perilous Path. We were serenaded by wonderful musicians, sat around the fire and ate delicious chili and treats in the Seventh Grade Cafe.

It takes a village to pull off a large celebration and thanks go to each and every parent who helped to create this lovely celebration for our families and friends. Many thanks to our Halloween Chair, Jenny Tom and those who stepped up to help to coordinate different parts of the festival.

We'd like to add a few more people to our Halloween team for the coming year, so if you are interested, please email Bessie Oakley at enrollment@daviswaldor.f.org so we can hit the ground running next year.


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