Davis Waldorf School

For Waldorf Parents

Parent-Teacher Partnership

As Waldorf parents and teachers, we are joining together in a special partnership for the care and development of our children. As partners, we need to be in close touch. You are the "eyes and ears" at home as the teachers are the "eyes and ears" at school.

We encourage you to share your insights, questions, and goals regarding your child's development with us. Regular parent meetings, annual parent-teacher conferences and visits with the teacher help maintain the communications so vital to our work together.

Parent/Teacher Conferences are typically held in November. These conferences are scheduled to discuss the development and well-being of your child. The teacher will present a progress report and provide an opportunity to exchange ideas and ask questions. To facilitate the meetings, there will be no school on those days.

The End of Year report is a detailed narrative prepared by your child's class teacher describing your child's academic and social progress over the course of the year. This report is the official transcript of your child's elementary Waldorf education.

As teachers, we also ask your support in ensuring that children are well prepared to receive the full benefits of a Waldorf education. The individual home lives are as essential to the growth of the children as is the quality of education they receive at school. We do ask for your cooperation in the following areas:


Rhythm is a fundamental principle of all life. We experience the rhythm of the year in the cycle of the seasons, the rhythm of the month in the cycle of the moon, and the rhythm of the day in the passage from darkness to light. Our bodies are also attuned to the rhythms of our breath and our heartbeat.

Young children are very sensitive to the inner and outer rhythm of life. Establishing a sense of continuity and order in their daily lives gives them a deep sense of security and well-being.

In order for children to come to school rested and refreshed, we encourage you to maintain a calm, orderly rhythm for going to bed in the evening and rising in the morning. Many parents find a regular nightly routine of story, song, or quiet conversation eases the child's transition into sleep.

We also ask that you give special consideration to Sunday evening. In the Waldorf school, the Main Lesson given on Monday mornings lays the foundation for the entire week's work. For that reason, we ask you to plan your weekends to allow for some "settling in" time on Sunday.

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